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Nova Twins’ Supernova finds the duo continuing to burn bright


Release date: 17 June 2022
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15 June 2022, 09:09 Written by Caitlin Chatterton
On their sophomore album, Amy Love and Georgia South marry politically charged lyricism with a searing amalgamation of genres, producing an album that practically begs to be experienced in a full-throttle live setting.

Since releasing their debut album – Who Are The Girls? – in early 2020, Nova Twins have distinguished themselves as determined activists for female, PoC and young musical talent, as well as making impressive inroads into the alt scene with supporting slots for Prophets Of Rage and Bring Me The Horizon. Now, their second release benefits from a cohesive sound already established, and marks them out as one of the most exciting bands on the rise.

Supernova kicks into life with its own high-speed teaser trailer, before barrelling into “Antagonist”’s snarling guitars. “I’m not your princess / I run with spearheads,” Love warns over the raucous instrumental. The track (about “refusing to be the victim”) is a good synopsis of Nova Twins’ unwavering, defiant self-assurance: while they steer well clear of arrogance, their confidence is set in stone – and it’s pretty joyous to see. The standout “Cleopatra” follows suit, celebrating black beauty and strength over a frenzy of electro rock. “This was about celebrating us as black women and coming back stronger,” Love has said of the track, which was written in the wake of attending Black Lives Matter protests. Fusing rap and rock with punk and pop, Nova Twins’ identity is woven into the fabric of their music. From “Cleopatra”, to the unflinching “Fire & Ice” and R&B influenced “Puzzles”, there’s no attempt to hold back or follow convention. Instead, Supernova is a record forged by the girls’ own experiences, and it’s a relief to see that the scene’s next generation isn’t afraid of being true to themselves.

A handful of the album’s later tracks, including “Sleep Paralysis” and the restless “Choose Your Fighter”, do perhaps fall short of other songs’ ‘absolute banger’ status, but nowhere is there an outright miss. Indeed, the alt pop, earworm chorus on “K.M.B.” is a surprising highlight, while the vulnerable lyrics of “A Dark Place For Somewhere Beautiful” promise to become anthemic in the hands of a swaying crowd. In all, Supernova feels like a deliberate reiteration of Nova Twins’ mission statement, one that’s best summed up on “Enemy” – the record’s penultimate track that would have made sense as the finale: “we are innovating / we are sick of waiting,” Love stresses. “Me and my clique, yeah we’re here to stay.”

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