“You know I’ve met a lot of cool chicks, but I’ve never met a girl with all her own teeth”.

A recent report in The Times quoted a survey, stating that the most common cause of embarrassment among teenagers is the sight of their dad dancing at a disco. I hope then that none of Bernard Sumner’s children have caught glimpse of his performance of “Fine Time” on Top of the Pops. At that time, New Order meant everything to me. Sure, I liked other bands, even loved a couple; but I anticipated the release of Technique like no other. But even I saw Sumner’s gurning face, seemingly patting the heads of invisible goblins that only he could see, and felt slightly uncomfortable. This was a move I was unlikely to replicate at the sixth form disco. But then the album came out, and it all made sense. I knew why Sumner was dancing. This was music to dance to. (more…)