One of our favourites on the autobiographical album is the twangy and thought-provoking “Let Me Down”. Muted tones and muffled drums bring the focus to the gritty, raw, honest vocals. The chorus “are you ever gonna love me or just let me down” is held by a rich synth, full of stunning subtle harmonies in the chord, carrying a real sense of freedom and euphoria. Eventually speeding up with catchy melodies under the lines, “waste my life on your lies / never get it right but we keep on living”. How beautifully exposed and relatable are those words?

The track “Lonely Always, CA” describes the experiences of living in Tinseltown. Los Angeles may seem like the dream location to a lot of people, but Me Nd Adam know from firsthand experiences that it’s not all cracked up to be. Despite its population of 12 and a half million residents, it’s still pretty easy to feel alone. The track contains a fat belt of production ammunition - from bubbly little synth sounds that add a lighthearted feel, to warm country guitars and piano that play a cycle of resolving chords, adding a comforting feel. With toned down rocky drums and soft organ-like chords the song feels somewhat sad amongst the reality that the city is lonely always. “but that's just living in LA” they sing, admitting that it's the price to pay for living amid the glitz and glam.

“New York Suicide” throws a slight curveball halfway through the album. The unexpected track is a reminder that this duo won’t be beholden to any specific genre. While we appreciate their genre-bending approach, this track seems to lack a little of the grit that we’re exposed to in the other 11 tracks.

American Drip, Pt. I contains stunning elements of comfort, sadness, excitement, resentment and happiness - it encapsulates the woes and tides of life and all its ups and downs it hurls at us. The album is a friendly foe, and place to go; whether you’re driving down the highway at 95, or riding a rollercoaster of emotions, it's a relatable, clever and meticulously produced album, offering something for everyone. This work of art is full of country-rock-pop synth galore twists and turns, keeping you on your toes with each and every track. Truly uplifting with lyrics and melodies to match every part of growing up, buckle up for a wondrous ride with Me Nd Adam.