It comes four years after the release of his debut album, The Things We’ve Seen, which was written, recorded, mixed, and produced by Lucas Oswald himself. Whet is the kind of music you want to listen to on a bright afternoon, lying down on the grass and feeling the warmth of the sun on your cheeks. It’s peaceful and harmonious, but behind these beautiful compositions are lyrics which expose a lonely and melancholic soul.

"Starving" exposes his vulnerability and a sense of abandonment which only music can communicate. "Feel it Again" begins as a duo of shy keys and a timid drum beat, but its layers gradually grow into an intense, powerful, and inspirational musical creature.

The lyrics in Whet transmit the disconcerting feelings Oswald was experiencing. The album was composed and recorded while he was touring with Shearwater and where circumstances had forced him to move three times over a period of one year and a half. His life was in a turmoil; his music was his friend and confidant.

To the oblivious listener however, Whet is an album which clears our thoughts and empties our minds. In the end, what matters is how the music makes each one of us feel. Whet is peaceful. The outside world is shut off and we are left enjoying the music, just enjoying the music.