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Love Inks – E.S.P
09 May 2011, 09:00 Written by Antonio Rowe

Like it or not it’s the simplest parts of a pop song that appeases us the most. Sure, we’d like to believe that it’s Bowie’s Ziggy-era overarching theatrical concepts or Lady Gaga’s ambigious hidden messages, that makes us a catonic sucker for their sci-fi synth-heavy pop. But in reality it’s the simple chord progression or modest but mind-invading melody that speaks the loudest to us. Not that Love Inks needed telling this, their debut E.S.P epitomises the mantra that ’it’s the simplest things in life that are the most extraordinary’.

It’s ten tracks of minimalist pop; bare-boned in its construction but just as melodically effective as any chart music out there right now. We’ve already web-documented our love for their track ‘Blackeye’ a two-minute hazy triumph of a pop song and it’s good to know that our love doesn’t stop there. ‘Can’t Be Wrong’ immediately evokes a sense of familarity within the listener, no doubt you’ll be singing its dreamy hook two minutes in. And even though ’In My Dreams’ allows a heavier percussion presence (throughout the LP sound of drums barely registers above a faint whisper), it’s the pairing of gentle strumming and Sherry LeBlanc’s room-filling vocal that takes centre stage. And rightfully so it’s this stripped back partnership that produces the most startling moments.

Middle track ‘Skeleton Key’ is about as good as good as it gets, a sentimental torch song about the moment it dawns on you that the love has gone. Sherry was born to sing the following lovelorn lines: ”Can’t say when it came to this” /”It’snever too late she said”/ ”But this time we both know it is”. - Her torch-burning voice drowning the sparse sonic with only a four-to-the-floor beat and remorseful guitar present to accompany her.

A mile away from what many people consider to be ‘pop’ music nowadays, E.S.P by Love Inks is both striking and beautifully accomplished in it’s simplicity. Envisage what Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ is going to sound like, then imagine the complete opposite – this is it.


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