front-stitch-largeMore Left With Pictures! The very suggestion of this is enough to arouse significant excitement in several TLOBF staffers, so the appearance of an actual single release is quite a big deal. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since the superb Secretly EP was released, but it's still a definite go-to listen for fans of sophisticated pop and remains one of the best things to have emerged from 2008. This release, a double A-side, is largely very much in the same vein - coy, slightly twee acoustic folk-pop of the very highest calibre.Unfortunately, we have to inevitably temper our excitement with the realisation that this is just a single, and there are just two tracks here. But just as Secretly's genius was magnified by its concise nature of the EP format, this single benefits from the same undiluted quality - there just isn't so much as a substandard second of sound here. The band retain their knack for creating a great deal of sound with a few precisely layered layers of instrumentation, and these tracks are a great showcase for that."Every Stitch, Every Line" is all gentle beats, piano, glockenspiel, violin, and those familair, plaintive vocals. "Her Father's Nose" is fairly similar in construction but the tone is different, with more of those whimsical lyrics that were such a strength on Secretly. These songs are a restatement of the band's mastery of subtlety and enjoyable melodies, creating gloriously engaging pop that we really ought to cherish. All we can do as we helplessly flail around for a means to criticise this is to state that it may be a little saccharine for some, and that it's limited by its brevity. But that is of course the nature of the single, and inevitably it will leave us soon salivating over the next offering from Left With Pictures.91%Left With Pictures on MySpace