The release of Jenny Lewis‘ wondrous solo debut Rabbit Fur Coat two years ago caused some friction amongst the members of her indie rock band Rilo Kiley. Their intervening album was lacklustre at best, and current interviews do more than hint at the possibility of their sun having set for the foreseeable future. Here, in contrast, we see Jenny Lewis still in the ascendant, though without quite the hyperbolic trajectory of that initial outing.

Were it not for the absence of the cooing Watson Twins this time around, some songs might have been lifted straight out of the earlier sessions. Lead single ‘Acid Tongue’ gives the impression of a linear progression in similar vein, and ‘Jack Killed Mom’ with its White Stripes style lumbering raunch and fireworks finale was a live highlight from her initial touring two years ago. But elsewhere roads trail off in several directions, with that fluffy folksy fur coat being given a splattering of indie grime when leading halfway back to Rilo Kiley, or all glammed up with strings for a gospel diva feel on ‘Trying My Best to Love You’. (more…)