Opening on “Long Way”, Gordi rouses emotion in the most beautiful way as she imparts: “Just take a breath / I’ll know you’ll get there / We have such a long, long way to go.” Simple and elegant, the song serves as the perfect introduction to Payten’s musical soundscape.

“All The Light” steps it up a gear and perfectly encapsulates the feel of nostalgia and past memories are felt so clearly and distinctively on this rising and rousing track. Payten’s rich vocal tone aids the tune along too and combines impressive vocal layering alongside harmonious guitar textures.

Previously-released single “Can We Work It Out” is drenched in synth-heavy guitar strums and deviates from the ordinary with its dreamy, ethereal qualities at the centre. As equally haunting and shimmering is “Returning”, a tune that hits all the right notes and will make a long-lasting impact.

Payten chooses to close her debut with “Something Like This”, a simple, sensual and evocative number that leaves you contemplating where Gordi’s next steps will find her. Reservoir maintains mostly a mellow and melancholic vibe throughout, but its charm is undeniable.