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"You EP"

Gold Panda – You EP
14 May 2010, 15:00 Written by Gina Louise

Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear: is it a coincidence that each of these artists have two things in common? All are great musicians in their own right, and each take their name from kings of the bear world. The more bear related artists that emerge, the more I think there is some strange correlation between the animal and an uncanny ability to produce original, well produced, plain good music. Whilst I’m not suggesting there is a tambourine playing grizzly out there somewhere expressing his music through the medium of human hands, I don’t think this hypothesis is entirely without merit.

As always, Gold Panda has to take it one step further; he doesn’t even need the word to show the world he is great; just the mere implication of a bear and he is away, producing considered, well honed electronica. His latest release, the blippy little EP You, sounds like someone has flown Mario and the Gentle Friendly to a tropical island, given them some synthesisers and made them have an all out electronic battle.

‘You’ mixes a smattering of melodic electronica with immaculately timed percussion that I’ve only seen rivalled by the likes of Aphex Twin. The different versions of ‘You’ contained on the EP drag you through a range of different musical moods, and it’s easy to imagine listening to the song in a multitude of different places. The ‘Dam Mantle Remix’ is more of a post party come-down tune, coalescing synths with harmonic backing melodies, whereas the ‘Minotaur Shock Remix’ blends a bit of bass with some steel drums to give it that dirty warehouse party feel.

Not many people could get away with releasing an EP that is essentially just one song remixed in (admittedly very different) ways, yet there are sure to be many more feats to be seen from Gold Panda. I knew when I saw this guy supporting Three Trapped Tigers that he was set for big things, and I’m sure this EP is just the start.

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