Singer-songwriter Tessa Cavanna and producer Christian Pinchbeck bring out the absolute best in each other in this seemingly effortless offering. The pair met in unusual circumstances - Christian was living on a narrowboat and asked Tessa to come onboard and record with him after he heard her sing as she walked by one summer’s evening. She obliged, and without even exchanging names, they began collaborating.

The duo took a hiatus before returning last year. Themes of womanhood and all it encompasses are explored throughout the album, which features nostalgic sounds with a contemporary kick and this is especially true for opener "Queendom". It’s a soothing track where Cavanna sings about “floating in love” and invites listeners to “come and join us”. "Say It" is optimistic and uplifting. ‘Keep On’, as the name suggests, is an exuberant track. Cavanna’s lyrics and vocals are compelling as she sings about having dreams and the strong desire to “be someone”.

"Bad Decisions" is one of many examples where the duo have struck a perfect R&B and electronica balance. It is a dreamy number, as is their recent single "It Might Take A Woman" which follows subsequently. Final track "The Love I Need" is a brilliant, euphoric and comforting song. Cavanna’s vocals are warm on this gospel-infused track.

This debut album sees Girhood really establish themselves as truly unique artists. As the nights get longer, listening to Girlhood will surely bring back those summer memories.