At around the 39 minute mark, the Danes' album isn't particularly long for a prog release, nor is it a particularly difficult conceptual listen. But with seven tracks included, the average time for each isn't much under six minutes, and with the majority of tracks harbouring a propensity for sticking to one sound, the record inevitably drags.

Of course, while doom and gloom is the benchmark that The Worrying Kind not only strives for but massively surpasses, there are occasional moments where it shines. The woozy, dynamic experiment that is "Stay For A While" ironically doesn't outstay its welcome, while penultimate track "Call Me Rage" is arguably the record's high point, showings us what the rest of the album could have been.

It could really have done with more of such peaks. Cuts such as the meandering title track or the sonorous "Sometime" unfortunately drag the record's pace right down and as a result, the overall quality too. It's a shame, because the occasions in which The Worrying Kind really comes in to its own are fantastic, they're just let down by the bleak monotony to be found elsewhere.