Yet Numan makes it feel naturally easy. With Savage (Songs from a Broken World), his twenty-second album no less, he’s created a literal soundtrack for dystopian times, as his resurgence continues with even more pulsating electro beats and behemoth sounding melodies.

The industrial sound that’s worn throughout perfectly encapsulates the barren landscape Numan envisions for our future. In fact, spurred on by the election of Donald Trump, the dystopian "broken world" he describes doesn’t feel too far away in reality, and with such a widened mind pulling out frankly rather realistic scenarios of separation and life it’s hard to not get completely encapsulated by the album.

Choruses such as those in singles “I Am Ruin”, and “What God Intended”, flawlessly showcase Numan’s ability to marry both melody and power; with neither forfeiting for the other. There’s a reason he's thought of as one of the pioneers of electronic music; he manages to create more than just simple sounds – instead, there’s an idea that the big picture is far bigger than you’d ever care to realise.