The single explores the power and the paradox of fire: as a force, it can be destructive, yet creative, explosive and electric. It’s this spark that Rakel Mjöll, Alice Go and Bella Podpadec channel through the song’s choppy, wailing guitars and momentous chorus, which evokes the breathless feeling of forming a sudden connection with someone.

“Fire” is their most radio-friendly and accessible offering to date, and although has typical Dream Wife danceability and sing-along choruses, it pales a little in comparison to the fierce attitude heard on “FUU”, where the band hit with huge impact. The song’s remixes on the EP however, particularly the FTSE remix, prove that “Fire”’s pop sentiments serve it well in enabling it to transform entirely into a dance track.

Fiery in a different sense, the EP pairs the title track with feminist anthem “Somebody”, which has racked up Dream Wife’s most Spotify plays to date. Released on International Women’s Day, the track holds typical sexist claims that “it was bound to happen” to account with empowering chants of “I am not my body I am somebody!”. Across the summer young women in festival fields across the country have been proudly yelling these lyrics back at the band, as Dream Wife power forward with determination and a promise of so much more to follow.