Dignan Porch have been creeping around the blogosphere since the formidable ‘On A Ride’ was released by Captured Tracks back in early 2010. Since then they have released a debut full length entitled Tendrils which features a version of ‘Like It Was’, now re-recorded for Deluded. It’s a surprise to me that they haven’t managed to catch more people’s ears playing this kind of slack-jawed, noise rock, similar in vein to Times New Viking. It’s especially surprising as their songs are often much better than the aforementioned band. Perhaps it’s the attitude they evoke that falls on deaf ears, sometimes it’s so laid back as to be almost non-existent. Certainly the production is affected in this way. Yet to me it finds a long ancestry in British psychedelia, similar to Syd Barrett’s dryness or that special raw quality in Television Personalities. Often the best moments are when the noise and the clutter fade away and you are left with this uncertain haze, perhaps just the beat and a fuzzed out guitar, that seems to refract all this massive sadness hidden underneath the skin of everything and expose it to the brilliant daylight.
‘Like It Was’ is one of the highlights of the album, no doubt why it features on both this and Tendrils, and is the kind of driving, psychedelic, haunting track as approached by Yuck on their latest release. Unlike Yuck though this is driven by a slackness, in approach and in ability. It’s hardly disguised at all and that makes it very honest allowing the song-writing to escape into the world.
At points I am reminded of MGMT’s last album, their homage to all disruptive psychedelia. On the final track ‘Surge’ we have a clear crystallisation of those same ideas and vibes, but without the production and with that honest laziness Dignan Porch just make it sound effortless. Well, it is effortless for them. It’s real. It’s a pure crystallised idea, boiled down to something very simple. With this kind of slackness percolating through every skewed vision Joe Walsh and the gang manage to capture a truly thrilling ride without letting up on the honesty.