catelebon_coverHaving played the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury back in 2007, the name of Cardiff folk rock singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon grew from a whisper, to a rather loud murmur when she released her first EP in 2008. Skip forward to 2009 and the multi-instrumental, bi-linguist has become the name to drop on the indie art folk scene. After supporting Gruff Rhys on tour, yes he of Super Furry Animals fame, and collaborating with his synth-pop side project Neon Neon, Le Bon has finally released her debut record Me Oh My on Rhys’ label Irony Bored.Album opener and title track gently lulls the listener into the records honest and sultry sound. Le Bon’s haunting ethereal voice accompany crisp guitar strums, which build with reverb until the futuristic synths kick in compelling me for the second time in a week to make a comparison to The Velvet Underground and Nico. Following track ‘Sad Sad Feet’ is beautifully elegant as stripped back acoustic instrumentals set the scene for Le Bon’s wistful, eerie, multi-layered vocals.Highlight ‘Hollow Tress House Hounds’ is more rock than folk with a catchy electric hook that is set to loop as Le Bon’s eccentric lyrics soar high above the base line. And the best way I can think of describing strikingly mysterious and melancholic keyboard led ‘Eyes So Bright’ is to just say that it belongs in a Wes Anderson film. In fact the same could be said for ‘Burn Until The End’ as Le Bon’s half sung, half spoken lyrics sounds sinister over the upbeat, rolling acoustic guitar. Probably one of my favourite tracks on the record, it begins unmistakably as an abstract, art-folk number until the drums and electric guitar riff kicks in and we are reminded of this 60s garage rock vibe that Le Bon carries throughout the album.Largely understated instrumentally, Le Bon’s earthy vocals and that twinge of sadness keep Me Oh My a diverse and intriguing listen as do the sporadic burst of energetic electrics and drums. There are so many comparisons that could be made with the like of Feist or Jenny Lewis, but Le Bon’s latest offering shows that she has begun on the road to carving a truly striking and unique sound for herself.RECOMMENDEDCate Le bon on MySpaceCatch Cate Le Bon at the newly rejuvenated IllFit club night, TONIGHT, at the Old Blue in London. Details here.