The wait for something new would be three long years, which is how long it took for Khan to see his world in a different way, and make music with a fresh perspective.

Khan’s self-titled debut LP picks up where “Eden” left off; all morphed, contorted vocals amidst phosphorescent wobbles and bursts of electronic sound. The tracks are everything, all at once: warm, serene, frosty, sharp, propulsive, lethargic. They ooze cosmic soul, prismatic funk. The energy and spirit is human and not.

“Ruby” – one of the most gorgeous things you’ll hear all year – glows with a red passion, its muffled kick pulsating, its guitars swoony and beguiling. It could easily be the soundtrack for a celestial mating ritual. Perhaps it even is: “Now we are bound”, Khan decrees, then extending a hand, to “transcend through time and space”; a voyage, an odyssey, that will expand your mind and deeply broaden your horizons.

Ben Khan’s music doesn’t exist in the conventional realms of the universe. It’s a living, breathing, constantly morphing organism. It will take you places. Places that don’t feel like they exist in our dimension, on our plain. This all just feels so brilliantly different and new; a very special debut indeed.