As well as their trendy menu of Scandinavian cuisine, Oslo tabled a healthy portion of Superfood last night, as the hotly tipped Birmingham foursome played a rammed NME Awards gig at Hackney’s newest venue.

Described by kindred spirits Peace as their biggest band crush, Superfood succeed in peddling a youthful brand of new wave Britpop, heavily laden with chunky guitars and sometimes psychedelic melodies.

With the new MAM EP being released just around the corner on 3rd March via Infectious and a debut album in the works for the summer, the band laid bare some new material for fans including “Right On Satellite” and “It’s Good To See You”.

So fresh from the studio are they that lead singer Dom Ganderton stopped to admire the audience halfway through marvelling “We’ve been so busy doing the new album, it’s weird to see other people”. But being seen they are, as erratic dancing broke out from the hungry crowd during the opening bars of “Melting”.

Often shelved alongside fellow Midlanders Swim Deep, Superfood are an entirely more exuberant cuisine, instead channelling a more palatable upbeat approach to rock and roll.

As a foursome their sound as tight and it is fun, with Ganderton’s vocals bouncing around jovially with that of lead guitarist and fellow singer Ryan Malcolm. Bassist Emily Baker holds a more stoic temperament standing strong in comparison to the thrashes of drummer Carl Griffin.

It was surging single “TV” that elicited the biggest response with its shouty, jagged edges and by the time chirpy yet bolshy self-titled number “Superfood” was done, a full blown moshpit was in full swing.

What’s clear from the band’s live show is Superfood are best served loud, with a generous side of rowdy.

Set list:

Sharp Teeth



Right On Satellite

It’s Good To See You

Parking Lot