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Luna Morgenstern LOBF live session 2023 2

Luna Morgenstern performs a Romy, The Streets and Mauro Picotto mashup live in session for Best Fit

25 September 2023, 09:00 | Written by Cerys Kenneally

Cologne-born, Amsterdam-based artist and producer Luna Morgenstern performs a mashup of Romy and Fred again..'s "Strong", The Streets' "Blinded By The Lights" and Mauro Picotto's "Komodo" exclusively live in session for Best Fit at Crouch End Studios.

Speaking about the mashup, which features Romy and Fred again..'s "Strong", The Streets' "Blinded By The Lights", and Mauro Picotto's trance hit "Komodo", Luna Morgenstern tells Best Fit: "When I was really young, my dad took me out on late night drives to listen to music. There were several British army bases in our area and sometimes we could catch some of BBC Radio 1 if we drove close by. So it became our little ritual, especially on warm summer days, to drive around aimlessly and listen to new music. When we liked a song, I tried to remember the title or artist, so we could look them up later. That’s when I heard "Blinded By The Lights" for the first time. The song has a special place in my heart up to this day, so I took the vocal sample and flipped some of the drums to fit under Romy’s "Strong". To me, that song has a similar nostalgic feel, even though it came out this year. I wanted this mashup to have a ravey vibe to it, so I tried singing the chorus over Mauro Picotto’s "Komodo" and to my surprise that kinda worked super well?!"

The live session follows the artist and producer's recent performance at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg and shows in Berlin. She continues her live shows on Wednesday (27 September) in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Visit for more information.

In July she released her new EP Dance Dance (Don't Go) and teamed up with Ineffekt on "Two of Us".

Find out more about Crouch End Studios, our exclusive sessions partner.

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