Speaking about the album's creation, the former Lykke Li backing singer said:

“I tried to go inwards... I didn’t think about what others would think: I thought about how they would feel. My music’s based on physical reactions. I focused on the experience. Performing a lot last year, expressing myself freely and seeing people react to that, I realised that it’s a lot to do with freedom. It’s a topic I find myself going back to... I always wanted to make pop music; I always saw myself as a pop artist... pop is so communicative, and I want to talk to people. As for what I want to communicate - well, that’s what I’m continuing to learn.”

So far we've heard hypnotic, avante-garde clubby cuts like "Prophet" and "Slippin' Around" that have piqued interests, and with the advent of a longform anthology, the focus of the electronic world is set to settle on Zhala.

Zhala is out 25 May on Konichiwa Records, the label run by Swedish megastar Robyn; this will be the label's debut album.

The album is produced by Mathias Oldén - the only other collaborator on the record. Those hankering for a Robyn collab might have to wait a bit longer.

Watch the video for recent single "Aerobic Lambada" below.