"Working All The Time" follows May's "Cógelo Suave" single, which will also feature on Una Rosa alongside "Did My Best" and "Who Shot Ya?".

She says of the song, "It’s a two-minute maximalist jaunt, it reminds me of a hot NYC summer."

Rubinos' upcoming third album Una Rosa will follow 2016's Black Terry Cat, and will be split into two sides, the first featuring "hot" and "aggressive" songs, while the second side will present a more "introspective yet expansive" mood to the album.


  1. ice princess
  2. Una Rosa
  3. Ay Hombre
  4. Working All The Time
  5. Sacude
  6. Who Shot Ya?
  7. Cógelo Suave
  8. Darkest Hour
  9. Don’t Put Me In Red
  10. Worst Behavior
  11. Did My Best
  12. Si Llego
  13. What Is This Voice?
  14. FIN
"Working All The Time" is out now. Xenia Rubinos' Una Rosa album will land via ANTI- Records on 15 October, and is available to pre-order now.