After following up her debut EP Playground Antics with "Final Notice" in May, Willow Kayne has returned with another new track titled "White City".

Kayne says of the new release, "White City is an interesting place to live. Everyone’s experiences are completely different to one another, like many places in London it seems. Gigantic new buildings appear constantly, old buildings are being destroyed everywhere I look."

"When I walk down the street here, it is a complete mixture of people," Kayne adds. "I don’t know any of them and I like it here because they certainly don’t know me. We are simply all out here for ourselves."

On Instagram, she wrote, "I wrote this song as a diary entry about London last year - It’s crazy to see history/communities being knocked down and replaced with these gigantic skyscrapers that nobody can afford to live in. Having the two extremes of wealth and poverty right on the same street, not just in White City but everywhere here it seems."

Willow Kayne's "White City" single is out now.