Taking a break from his duties over at Lambchop and Silver Jews, guitarist William Tyler delivers another taste of his solo work, this time in the form of a spellbinding three-minute guitar track that could be a guitar riff from Nick Drake's Pink Moon record.

"Call Me When I'm Breathing Again" is Tyler's second single from his upcoming album Goes West, after last month's "Fail Safe".

Goes West will be Tyler's first record since 2016's Modern Country. Expanding on the forthcoming album, M.C. Taylor adds, "It sounds as though he found a way to point himself directly towards the rich and bittersweet emotional center of his music without being distracted by side trips. Perhaps this is down to the fact that William only plays acoustic guitar on the album, a clear and conscious decision considering that he is one of Nashville’s great electric guitarists."

"Call Me When I'm Breathing Again" is out now. Goes West arrives on 25 January via Merge Records, and is available to pre-order now. Watch the accompanying live performance of William Tyler's new single.