Entitled Star Wars, this full length will be the band's high anticipated ninth studio album, following 2011's The Whole Love. It features 11 brand new original tracks, and features one very internet-friendly cat on its front cover.

Update: Frontman Jeff Tweedy posted the below on the Wilco Facebook page, in explanation of the band's choice to release the record in such a fashion:

"Why release an album this way and why make it free? Well, the biggest reason, and I'm not sure we even need any others, is that it felt like it would be fun. What's more fun than a surprise?”

Too right Jeff, too right. The tracklist is below - give the record a spin for yourself via wilcoworld.net.

1. EKG
2. More...
3. Random Name Generator
4. The Joke Explained
5. You Satellite
6. Taste the Ceiling
7. Pickled Ginger
8. Where Do I Begin
9. Cold Slope
10. King of You
11. Magnetized.

The band headline Chicago's Pitchfork Festival tomorrow night.