Tagaq has okayed a selection of tracks from her Polaris Prize-winning LP Animism for the film.

Speaking about the collaboration with Tagaq, as well as the project in general, Rojas said:

“Last summer I collected 10,000 dandelion flowers, approximately 300,000 seeds. Since then I’ve been working them in my artistic practice, and ‘The Lion´s Teeth’ is one of the results from these explorations. 

"I was introduced to Tanya by a childhood friend of hers at her performance of Nanook of the North, in 2014. I was deeply moved by her show, it really struck a chord, and I spent most of the concert in tears. I started listening to her music as a source of creativity, and during the collection of the dandelions, I would listen to her work while gathering the seeds. Her voice was one of the sources of inspiration for this yearlong project and it kept me going through this extremely laborious and strenuous process. 

"I finished the video last week and showed it to Tanya. She was really excited about it and asked me if she could share it, which is a total honour.”

Animism is out now on Six Shooter.

Check out The Lion's Teeth below.