The video has been crafted using the same technology as was used to make Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" video from last year.

The Africa Express x Tate Modern clip follows the musicians, but as you watch, you can create your "own journey through the film, watching the performance, exploring art in Tate's galleries, and go on the road to Bamako, Mali, with Africa Express." 

The ensemble also features Damon Albarn, Nick Zinner and Mouse on Mars' Andi Toma.

Watch/interact/experience below. The full list of performers can be found afterwards.

Musical Director
André de Ridder

Damon Albarn - Melodica, Vocals 
Diabel Cissokho - Kora 
Mosi Conde - Balafon 
André de Ridder - Violin, Kalimbas 
Baba Galle - Peul Flute
Aly Keita - Balafon 
Mamani Keita - Vocals 
Lansiné Kouyaté - Balafon
Musa Mboob - Percussion 
Malick Pathé Sow - Ngoni 
Djelifily Sako - Kora 
Mamadou Sarr - Percussion 
Kaw Secka - Talking Drum 
Bao Sissoko - Kora 
Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars) - Electronics, Bass Kalimba 
Marlies van Gangelen - Delta Harp, Kalimba 
Jeff Wootton - Bass 
Nick Zinner - Guitar