George Lewis Jr. explained how he had been working on the mixtape at home, as he recovered from the band's bus accident in April this year; which left drummer Andy Bauer seriously injured.

In the tape announcement, Lewis wrote:

After our April 17th bus accident the Twin Shadow family returned to their separate homes off the road. It was a painful experience that left us all feeling raw and exposed. While spending time healing and resting in my apartment in LA I started to sift through old hard drives. I found all these ideas I had nearly forgotten, most of them more realized than I remembered. 

The more I dug the more I realized how much music was made in the last five years. Being home I had the time and perspective to enjoy all the little impulses, embarrassing choices, and exciting moments that I couldn't bottle. There were also some songs that I couldn't understand why I never finished. After listening back several times, I decided to make a small collection of the songs that stuck out. The mixtape consists of recordings from 2010 to 2014. 

Night Rally is presented as one 44-minute track and is available to download from Twin Shadow's website.


1. De Sade
2. Super Sonics
3. Ezra Green's Bed Demo
4. Crazy
5. Fighting
6. DR7
7. To Buffalo
8. Nastyness
9. Tear Me Up
10. Discover Me Demo
11. Crazy Love (DR 10)
12. Practice
13. Back Burner
14. Heart Belongs (Heaven and Hell)
15. What You Doin
16. DR4
17. Major Moon (Demo Instrumental)
18. Time in the Dark
19. Littlest Things