Seatwave was closed down a few weeks ago, but one of Ticketmaster's other resale sites, Get Me In!, has only shut down today to coincide with the launch of their new exchange site.

Fans will be able to exchange tickets without the ridiculous price surge issued by ticket touts and resale sites thanks to the new site offering restrictions on prices - either list it at the original price, or settle for less than the ticket was bought for.

Back in August, Ticketmaster UK managing director Andrew Parsons announced the new venture and closure of the resale sites, "Our number one priority is to get tickets into the hands of fans so that they can go to the events they love. We know that fans are tired of seeing tickets being snapped up just to find them being resold for a profit on secondary websites, so we have taken action."

He added, "Our new Ticketmaster ticket exchange lets fans sell tickets they can’t use directly through their Ticketmaster account, for the price originally paid or less. Selling tickets through Ticketmaster is really simple: we do all the hard work and outline the maximum that can be charged for the ticket – and it doesn’t cost fans a penny to sell them.”

In order for fans to sell tickets on the fan-to-fan exchange, they'll have to do so through their Ticketmaster account, and it'll only work with tickets actually purchased from their site. Ticketmaster will mail the tickets direct to the new customer if they haven't already been sent out.

Those buying tickets to shows through Tikcetmaster will be able to distinguish the difference with standard tickets listed in blue and second-hand tickets in pink.

Visit the ticket exchange site for more information.