Stables' rework of Dadd's "Palaeontologist" will feature on Dadd's Flux Alchemy Part 1 EP, which also includes remixes/reworks of songs from Dadd's Flux album by Maja Lena, Marcus Hamblett, Aki Tsuyuko and more.

Speaking about working with Stables, Dadd said, "Always a joy and inspiration collaborating with Kate on music and in life. There`s a very Kate playfulness about this track. A lovely old memory just sprang to mind. In the early days of being pals, I quit my office job to be greeted by a grinning Kate who patted me on the back and together we galivanted off with our instruments to busk. Since then we`ve shared many a musical adventure, always full of fun and playfulness and the grounded feeling of old friends like family."

Stables added, "This is one of my favourite songs from Flux. Rachael was very kind and encouraged me to muck about with it and have as much fun as wanted. And I did! I wanted to bring out the archaeology side of the track. While I was doing it I very much had in mind the idea of me and Rachael scrabbling around out on an archaeological dig together. She's the perfect person to be digging stuff up with and making music out of what gets uncovered. Stones, water, bones, mud, music."

Kate Stables' version of "Palaeontologist" is out now. Rachael Dadd's Flux Alchemy Part 1 EP will follow on 6 May via Memphis Industries.