The track's a razor-gulletted piece of garage-pop, with rock'n'roll riffs and gorgeous harmonies.

Speaking about the EP, the band said: “The EP is about traveling to play our next show with empty pockets and a will to play our music. Each night that we arrive to a new city we ask everyone in the audience to donate a little weed to get us by. The  songs were written at a time when alcohol and weed were present every day. As a result, life was confusing and kind of out of control, followed by terrible hangovers surrounded by dirt, drinking sangria and eating Chinese noodles. Things are still getting crazier every day but now we deal with this stuff way better and have lots of fun.”

The Weed For The Parrots EP is out 22 June on Luv Luv Luv. Pre-order it here.

The band are close to countrymen Hinds, with The Parrots' frontman Diego García producing Hinds' debut LP.

Have a listen to "I'm Not Alone" below.