The Japanese House's "Lilo" is a reflection on how her best friend helped her find positives in her own traits, which she explains is about “how, to me, her every movement - paired with her approach to life - seemed as serene as the image of a lilo floating across a swimming pool... it is a reminder to me that I am good at falling in love and I can survive falling out of it. I’m good at falling.”

"Lilo" is the first track from The Japanese House since last year's EP, and sees the subtle-synth artist continue the soothing distortion that resides somewhere close to Imogen Heap.

The Japanese House has evidently been enjoying some quiet time after the past couple of year's chaotic schedules, including performances at London's O2 Arena, releasing a steady stream of EPs, and performing across the globe.

"Lilo" does exactly what it says on the tin, and has us reminiscing over our summer days already. The new single is out now via Dirty Hit.