Taking to Instagram to announce the album, Wayne Coyne reveals The Flaming Lips' follow-up to last year's Oczy Mlody will be released as part of Record Store Day in the US.

Coyne expands on the Mick Jones narration, "he's on almost every song...it really [is] quite unbelievable."

... ok.. so... our King’s Mouth album that will be coming out on @recordstoredayus in April has Mick Jones on it... yeah Mick Jones from The Clash and Big Audio Dynamite.. he’s doing the narration ... he’s on almost every song... it really it quite unbelievable.. ill post a little video clip so you can hear him ... but yeah!!!!! Man!!! Sooooo cool#waynecoyne #theflaminglips #spongebobbroadway #flaminglipsconcert #flaminglips #kingsmouth @stevendrozd @scott_booker @jenstark @irreversibility @mtekbot @katyweaver @denniscoyne @kwkakwka @rockworth @nicholas_ley @spacefacemusic @oliverhibert @hein_koh @wow_elec_tron @nilerodgers @tannermariehull @wilco @waynecoyne5 @unitheband @dandeacon @mileycyrus @the_avam @gabbytwin @iiswhoiis @mtekbot @postmalone @paulsmith

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King's Mouth coincidentally takes the same name as Coyne's art installation that merges his elaborate props into an audio/visual experience.

Over summer, Coyne and co released two compilations full of remastered tracks, rare recordings and early sessions from the psych outfit.

The Flaming Lips' King's Mouth will be arriving 13 April 2019. They still have a couple of upcoming shows in the US. Find out more.