Yesterday (11 February) London's 100 Club started a debate over not posting set times for their gigs. Retracting their set times was a hopeful attempt at getting gig-goers to arrive early to watch the support bands, but resulted in a heated debate with ticket holders annoyed at not being able to work out transport plans, and the inability to plan their nights with other commitments.

Tuffnel Park's The Dome has revealed their view on the movement, "We will keep posting stage times because let’s be honest we’re a 14+ venue and you can all make your own minds up on what bands you wanna see by that age. Just buy some drinks when you get here, yeah?"

Later in the thread, they added, "Pre-emptively before some dad who hasn’t checked out a new band since Oasis and moans about the lineups of festivals he doesn’t attend logs on to tell us about how millennials are killing support bands: we’re not. We’ve just already checked them out online m8."

Enter Shikari play The Dome tomorrow (13 February), and will see Woman's Hour take to the stage for what could be their last London show on 22 March. Find out more.