Earlier today (23 June) The Chemical Brothers shared a statement on socials announcing that they are rescheduling their Cork show tonight "due to multiple cases of Covid-19 within the band and crew, despite taking every precaution we possibly could."

"We are monitoring the situation and will make a decision as soon as possible regarding remaining shows later this week," the duo added. "We will endeavour to give as much notice as possible but as we have all learnt over the last two excrutiating years, covid recovery times and severity of infection are unpredictable."

The Chemical Brothers concluded, "We apologise again profusely for any inconvenience or disappointment caused. We have all put a lot of work into this new show and were so excited to bring it to you all. We will see you in Cork soon enough."

The Chemical Brothers' Friday Glastonbury performance was only announced on Tuesday (21 June). The duo are also due to play York's Castle Howard on Sunday (26 June).