Both ambient and melancholic, "Time Does Not Bring Relief" is the first offering to be lifted from Wiggs' solo venture, which is her first music release since last year's All Nerve album with The Breeders.

Wiggs' We Fall will feature drums and electronic input from Jon Mattock of Spacemen3 and Spiritualized.

On the upcoming record, Wiggs states it's "a crystalline meditation on paths not taken and words unspoken, an elegy for moments lost and last embraces."


  1. 37 Words
  2. Slipping Through the Cracks
  3. We Fall
  4. In a Yellow Wood
  5. Loveliest of Trees
  6. Turn to Moss
  7. The Weeping of the Rain
  8. Time Does Not Bring Relief
  9. The Soft Stars That Shine
  10. Afterwards
"Time Does Not Bring Relief" is out now. Josephine Wiggs' album, We Fall, arrives 17 May via The Sound of Sinners.