"FICTION" lands after previous releases "PRAY" and Jerusalem In My Heart collaboration "BREATHE".

The new single is inspired by BJ Burton's work with Low, and is accompanied by a visual created by Jordan "Dr.Cool" Minkoff. Minkoff says, "Considering the limited time and ability to film anything in the Montreal red zone I got the band to send me some videos of them playing. I tried very hard to make webcam footage look watchable by rotoscoping it and turning it into some glowie sci-fi thing. My animation style is usually more colourful and wacky so it was fun to try and change it up for the Suuns darkness."

FICTION will be Suuns' first collection of tracks since their 2018 album Felt.

The EP was born out of a year of limited resources and contact, which provoked Suuns to comb through music they've created over the years. The finished product is a six-track EP of live recordings that were rediscovered and reworked during the lockdown period.

"FICTION" is out now. Suuns' FICTION EP will arrive via Joyful Noise Recordings on 30 October.