The song reference the recent Radar Online report and sexual abuse allegations, as well as Jackson's children, cosmetic surgery, father, and comparisons to OJ Simpson. It's brutal.

Sun Kil Moon's Mark Kozelek sings in the chorus: “He’s bad, and he’s dead and I’m glad. He’s dead, and to me it ain’t that fuckin’ sad.”

Other lyrics include "If I had a son, would I let him get into a car with Michael Jackson? Fuck no...", "I believe our world is better with Michael dead than alive...", and "I don't give a flying fuck what he meant to the mainstream world."

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The track will appear on  30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth, which is due out 1 June 2017 on Caldo Verde. Check out "He's Bad" on the Sun Kil Moon website.

Kozelek also recently announced double record Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood.