"Melrose Meltdown", teamed with a Sofia Malamute-directed video, is the third outing from Waterhouse's debut album, following last year's "Moves" and "My Mind" tracks.

I Can’t Let Go is produced by Brad Cook (Bon Iver, War On Drugs, Snail Mail, Waxahatchee), and features 10 songs.


  1. Moves
  2. The Devil I Know
  3. Melrose Meltdown
  4. Put Me Through It
  5. My Mind
  6. Bullshit On The Internet
  7. Wild Side
  8. On Your Thumb
  9. Slip
  10. Blessed
"Melrose Meltdown" is out now. Suki Waterhouuse's debut album I Can't Let Go will arrive via Sub Pop Records on 22 April, and is available to pre-order now.