Ágætis byrjun, originally released on 12 June 1999, was their second, and breakthrough album for the Icelandic trio, and is being repackaged for a 20th anniversary release as a deluxe boxset.

The boxset will include seven vinyl, and will feature early recordings and demos of songs on the original record, unreleased recordings, and a live recording of their Icelandic Opera House show on 12 June, 1999. Check out a recording of "Flugufrelsarinn" below.

The vinyl boxset will be packaged in a linen box, with the first 1999 numbered. There will also be an 84-page, cloth-bound book with archived notes and handwritten string arrangements, as well as forgotten artwork ideas.

Sigur Rós' Ágætis byrjun - A Good Beginning (20th Anniversary Edition) will be released 21 June through Krunk Records. Find out more.