PUP's 2019 Polaris Music Prize-nominated album Morbid Stuff features artwork by Nes Vuckovic of people at a birthday party circling chairs while blindfolded and holding knives.

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Canadian rockers have decided to help keep fans entertained by creating a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle out of their Morbid Stuff artwork.

However, the artwork has been slightly changed to make it more appropriate to the current times, and the blindfolds have been swapped for face masks.

The description of the puzzle on the site reads, "Sadness: one of humanity's most important emotions. And what better way to distract from that sadness than by painstakingly re-constituting an image from 1000 misshapen pieces?"

PUP's pandemic puzzle is available to pre-order now. Last month they returned with new track "Anaphylaxis".