This morning (2 March) Barcelona's 2021 Primavera Sound festival was postponed until 2022 "due to force majeure."

Organisers wrote in the statement, "We have tried everything, but we have now made this very painful decision due to the uncertainty surrounding the legal framework for large events on the original dates of the festival - from June 2nd to 6th - which, added to the restrictions that currently exist, mean that we cannot work normally on the preparation of the festival nor ensure that, once the date arrives, it can be celebrated."

The statement on the Primavera Sound site added, "We have left no stone unturned: we led the clinical trial carried out at the Apolo in Barcelona last December and we have been in constant contact with the health authorities to explore all possible solutions. But the twentieth anniversary of Primavera Sound deserves a party like the ones we are used to, and the global situation does not seem favourable to allowing something like this to happen this summer. At least not in a way in which we can live the full Primavera Sound experience."

Much like last year, organisers are allowing ticket holders to roll over their tickets until 2022. Refunds will be available from 2 June, the same day the 2022 Primavera Sound lineup will be revealed.

Talking to Best Fit, a source within the industry has claimed that the festival was initially planning to move to September this year. "The vaccination process is slow in Spain and at best we expect to have less than 50% of the population vaccinated by June," our source added. "The most important point would be international travel - a high percentage of festival goers are from abroad. On the other hand they have confirmed they'll do the summer shows at the Forum site as they did last summer [and] there they can apply the restrictions that may be in place when the time comes."

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