Here’s the first single to be lifted from Jensen Sportag‘s sassy new EP Pure Wet. Breathy vocals, smooth compressed beats and a production sheen straight outta 1984 devours every last second of ‘Everything Good’. No surprise then that it’s the latest release from those sexy bastards over at Cascine. Perhaps their most overtly *funky* release to-date, Pure Wet is another example of why Cascine have proven so successful in their brisk signing flurry since their inception late last Summer. There’s a direction with the artists being associated with the label; each of their acts hold a candle to the past (notably the 80s) but with both feet planted firmly into the future. Exquisite in quality and design; this is pop music déluxe.

The follow up to previous EP Jackie, Pure Wet is their first outing for Cascine and drops digitally on February 15. The video for ‘Everything Good’ was created by Lluis Panades Julia, a London-based Mallorcan-born artist who works under the name Panaframe. Taking cues from the cut and paste video technique currently in vogue partly thanks to the work of Parisian Jamie Harley, Panaframe’s previous credits include videos for Star Slinger, Kiss Kiss Fantastic and fellow Cascine act Selebrities.