The two Franks are completely different - Turner dabbles with acoustic/folk sounds, and Carter is the former frontman of Gallows, and now part of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

"FT. FRANK TURNER" is the 42nd Adult Swim Single in their series, and quite frankly doesn't feature Frank Turner - or at least without his consent.

Responding to the new single on Twitter, Turner revealed that the single "uses some recorded vocals of mine from a session about 8 years ago (a song I never finished)."

Turner added, "can see a connect because I demo’d that song with Kurt Ballou once upon a time. Don’t really care about the obvious provocateur stuff (pretty funny really, including pic of Frank Carter) but not very stoked about recordings getting used like that."

It seems he was struggling to get hold of anyone involved with the single too, as he wrote on Twitter, "Precisely no one involved getting back to me right now. So... there it is. Well done everyone. Enjoy the song, I guess."

According to Stereogum, The Armed added to the trolling by responding to Frank Turner's reaction, "It saddens us to hear that he’s upset about the song. We’ve been big fans of Gallows for a long time." Ouch.

"FT. FRANK TURNER" is out now. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have declined to comment.