Former New Order bassist, Peter Hook has answered some recent criticism his old band have aimed towards him.

The band’s frontman Bernard Sumner had remarked that Hook’s decision to play Joy Division tracks with new group The Light had “opened the gates of hell”, while claiming that Hook had “tore strips off” him while recovering from alcoholism, further blaming him for “everything that had ever gone wrong with New Order”.

However, now Hook has hit back in an interview with Billboard, saying:

“There’s a lot of what he says that doesn’t make sense. I think he’s the only guy I’ve ever met that can actually contradict himself three times in a sentence. The other interesting thing is that he says I’m only for the money. Well, what’s he doing it for then?”


He continued:

“I’m afraid that the world is full of much more important things than two fat old blokes arguing about left the band or split. I opened the gates of hell? Oh, pack it in, mate. We’re just fucking arguing and the sad thing is, when it comes down to it, we’re arguing about money, so that’s a ridiculous thing to say. You lot must love it, though. It’s a journalist’s gift, this argument.”