The making of the album came about in curious circumstances; Broderick having been invited to stay, as part of a 'recording residency', as a guest in the town of Lucerne, Switzerland, and whilst there, Broderick worked with local musicians to create Colours of the Night.

The process is a stark contrast to 2012's It Starts Hear - which took three years to record with Berlin producer/pianist Nils Frahm, and ended with Broderick cancelling all lives dates and being hospitalised with a stress-related illness.

Colours of the Night is released through Bella Union in April.

Listen to opening track "Red Earth" below. The tracklist can be found afterwards.


1. Red Earth 
2. The Reconnection
3. Colours Of The Night
4. Get On With Your Life
5. If I Sinned 
6. Our Best
7. One Way 
8. On Time 
9. More and More
10. Rotebode