Simone Felice (The Lumineers, Bat For Lashes) produces the cut, which was recorded in Woodstock and inspired by the band witnessing a huge storm.

"I watched a giant, pulsating, lightning bolt land near the farmhouse and I instantly associated it with the electricity and power of the kids we'd been quaking with for the last five years at our shows," says Peace frontman Harry Koisser. "I was inspired to write a song that was answer to their question. I guess it ended up being a call to arms. 'Power' is a song about booting down the door to delirious glory and charging heart first into the worldwide banquet of love."

The track follows last November's "From Under Liquid Glass", their first new music since 2015 LP Happy People which was released in support of mental health research charity MQ.

"Power" is out now via Ignition.