Island Songs takes Arnalds across seven different locations in his native Iceland over seven weeks - he's creating a different composition inspired by each location, and collaborating with a local artist. This latest song follows "Árbakkinn" with poet Einar Georg, "1995" with Dagný Arnalds, "Raddir" with the South Iceland Chamber Choir, "Öldurót" with composer Atli Örvarsson, and "Dalur" with Brasstríó Mosfellsdals.

The location at the centre of this latest offering is the town of Garður.

Hilmarsdóttir explains her connection to the town: 

"I grew up in Garður and I can definitely say growing up there molded my creativity. There wasn’t a lot to do and plenty of time to be with yourself and your thoughts. So I spent my time playing on the rocks by the sea and telling ghost stories to the other kids and sometimes I would ride my bike to the lighthouse when the weather was nice. I was definitely the strange kid singing to myself on my way from school, and then going into my bedroom to write down the ideas I’d had from walking home. My bedroom was the most creative place.

"When I go back to Garður I get the same feeling of tranquility and vulnerability that comes with being a kid."

Check out "Particles" below.