The compilation focuses on new and exciting artists from in and around the New Cross area of London, ranging from electronic soul to ambient production to post-pop-punk to 'folk-prog-fusion-core'.

London-based producer Semi Precious features on the record too, with new track "No More Casting Spells", which you can hear here first.

Listen to the first excerpt from the compilation below.


1 Semi Precious - No More Casting Spells
2 Matagot - Britney
3 Edward A Guy - Connecting Dots
4 Waresnare feat Shanaz - Weeds
5 Leiik - Words Over Yours
6 Tweed & Hyenas - Uddevalla | Svim Uppeftir
7 Bunki - Ravel
8 Bled White Boy - Bastards
9 These Ghosts - Sleepless
10 Keep - Time
11 Little Liar - Foolish
12 Toothless - April

Crossing Lines II is out on NX Records/Accidental on 17 November on limited CD release.