Animal Collective man Deakin has contributed a solo track to an upcoming compilation record.

The release in question has been put together by New York’s New Museum (pictured above) and comprises of fifteen tracks from the past 5 years’ worth of performances at the venue.

The comp is to be released as a Playbutton, a wearable MP3 player badge containing all the tracks.

Also involved are Nick Zinner, Andrew W.K and No Age.

The full tracklist is as below. Listen to the Deakin track here.

1 Remote Burial: “Eclipsed”
2 High Places: “From Stardust to Sentience”
3 Gray: “Wig”
4 Lexie Mountain Boys: “(Never) Forgive”
6 Deakin: ”untitled”
7 Keyboard Kid: ”I’MGOD&DEVIL”
8 Damned Dogs: ”Part Two”
9 Nick Zinner: ”Music for Dream Machine”
10 Xeno + Oaklander: ”Sets and Lights”
11 Eric Copeland: ”FKD”
12 Maher Shalal Hash Baz: ”A Boogie”
13 No Age: ”Excerpt From The Bear
14 Kría Brekkan: ”untitled”
15 Main Attrakionz: “Legion of Doom”