Evidently much more of a trooper than a certain Wiley, Bad Seeds man Nick Cave was reportedly taken to the A&E department of a Reykjavík hospital over the weekend after he fell off the stage at ATP Iceland and yet still managed to make it to Glastonbury Festival the following day.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds had been booked to headline the special Icelandic leg of All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, held at a former NATO base in Keflavík, but Cave took a bit of a bruising when he lost his footing on the platform between the crowd and stage.

Festival organiser, Tómas Young told Iceland Review that after falling during ‘Jubilee Street’ the singer was “back on his feet half a minute later”. He continued to say that the trip to hospital was largely due to Cave feeling “sore”, adding: “There were no fractures but he was badly bruised. He was given painkillers and told that he would recover in one to two weeks.”

Cave and co played Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage the following day, just before headliners Mumford & Sons.

Watch the aforementioned fall beneath, occurring at around the 8.40 mark.

Photo by Gaelle Beri.