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Nick Cave calls homophobic fan "a bit of an a**hole" on his Red Hand Files site

22 July 2019, 14:47 | Written by Cerys Kenneally

In the latest response posted on his Red Hand Files site, Nick Cave has called out a homophobic fan for being "a bit of an asshole".

The Red Hand Files, launched in September 2018, is a site where Nick Cave replies to questions from fans.

Throughout the year, Nick Cave has connected with his fans all over the world. He's given sweet advice to a 10-year-old fan, provided some unused lyrics to an aspiring musicians, discussed his thoughts about modern rock music, and more.

In the latest response, a fan names Jessica asked if Nick Cave receives any "nasty or annoying" questions and comments, to which Nick Cave highlights a question from George, which reads: "Do you ever get tired of all the pretentious fat lesbians who enjoy your music? Personally I enjoy a lot of your music, but I find most of your fans insufferable. I’m just wondering if you’re on the same page."

Nick Cave shuts down the homophobic fan without hesitation, writing, "Jesus said on the cross, "Forgive them for they know not what they do." George, I think Jesus may have been talking directly to you."

He adds, "So, in the interests of free speech, George, I have given you a platform. However, and I am speculating here, I think that probably ninety-nine percent of the people who read your question will think that you are being, well, a bit of an asshole. I could be wrong. It could be more. Now, you may say “so what? No one knows who I am. How can this possibly hurt me?” You may say that. But you would be wrong. I do not believe that your anonymity protects you, any more than I believe the anonymity of the hate trolls on social media protects them. I feel that there are psychic pathways that exist between us all, and that the negativity we create eventually finds its way back to us."

Addressing George again, Cave writes, "The opportunity to act in a better way is one that is continuously afforded to us – to try to make the next thing we do the best thing, rather than the worst thing, the destructive thing. In this instance, George, it’s not too late for you. If you close your eyes and apologise to my fans, just maybe that negative attention will begin to dissipate."

Closing his response, Cave adds, "There is always room to evolve, to become better at being human, and to advance the common cause of humanity and civility – this applies not just to you, George, but to me too and, indeed, to all of us."

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